How it Started

PositiveHate started the night of the 2015 Paris terrorist attack. The attack killed 130 innocent people and shook an entire city to its core. My wife and I were watching television when the attack was reported. I remember turning to my wife and saying something along the lines of “why is there so much hate in the world?”

We started a dialogue about how powerful anger can be. It’s like a force – a fire that whips around inside of us. What if people could use that force for good? What if people channeled their frustration into making the world a better place to live? That’s when PositiveHate was born.

We also realized everyone has been forced to overcome adversity at some point in their life. We decided to include these struggles into our planned website. Over the years, my wife and I have witnessed some of these struggles first-hand (drug abuse, alcoholism, cancer, addiction, infertility and gun violence). Some have even affected our own family (our middle daughter suffers from Epilepsy and our youngest has Turners Syndrome). Adversity changes so many lives... so we wanted to come up with a creative way to not only FIGHT back but also GIVE back.

Some people really don’t like that we use the word HATE, but we feel it’s important. In fact, it goes to show you how powerful that word is. And, how important it is we steal that power and turn it on its head to do something good. We would like to turn the tide on HATE and create a community of love and support for other dealing with the same hardships. We hope you feel the same and help us finally put hate in its place.